Aging Well with Athlete Earl Fee at Delmanor Northtown

Mr. Earl Fee, master athlete, came to Delmanor Northtown to host an insightful seminar about his athletic accomplishments and his tips for aging well.

Earl & Michael

Earl is the author of the books, “How to be a Champion from 9 to 90“, and, “100 Years Young the Natural Way – Body, Mind, Spirit”.  Earl started his career as an above average high school runner and held a working career as a nuclear engineer.  After a 33 year break from competitive athletics, he ran his first race at age 56.  Over the past 25 years, he has set over 50 age related world records in running and hurdles.

Earl – from Wikipedia – A True Athlete

Earl shared his experiences, lifestyle habits and natural methods for preventative maintenance with the seniors and ways in which everyone can use these methods to reduce their actual age.

The inspirational seminar encouraged the Delmanor seniors to continue to participate in the variety of excellent fitness programs offered at Delmanor Northtown

Delmanor LivingWell Coach Sue, Earl, Pepa & Beverley

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