Technology Seminar at Delmanor Northtown

Residents and invited guests of Delmanor Northtown were given the opportunity to learn about some of the latest developments in technology!
Delmanor Northtown welcomed Chris, a University of Toronto graduate with a degree in Communication, Culture and Information Technology, who has been helping generations stay connected for many years.
The seminar focused on the many benefits for seniors with using computers. They can stay in touch with family and friends, discover old friends, track investments, do daily banking or take advantage of the many learning opportunities available through the Internet.  The seniors in attendance were very motivated to improve their computer skills and with good reason.  Connected seniors are more likely to be happier and healthier than those seniors who do not use the Internet. Evidence has shown time and time again that seniors who are connected to others are less likely to suffer from depression. In an time where more of us live further away from family and friends than ever before, the Internet has helped seniors to stay connected. 

The Internet gives seniors better access to health care.  Communicating by email is a method used by more and more health care professionals.  They also can do research if they want to know more about a drug they are taking or symptoms they might be experiencing.

Truly lifelong learners generally have a better quality of life.  The Internet provides the ability to quickly get information about world events, politics, sports, and virtually every interest imaginable.
The Internet also fosters independence for seniors.  Seniors are now much more likely to shop online, which eliminates the need for transportation, especially in poor weather conditions.

Everyone enjoyed the demonstration of the latest devices available, including software and hardware for communication, entertainment and networking.

The residents were given the opportunity to ask questions about the various types of devices available and the benefits of each.  In a world that can often be intimidating for seniors, Chris relayed the information in a a clear and understandable manner.  No one was left confused or unsure about the content of the seminar, and in fact, many of the residents felt encouraged to go and and purchase a device to put some of their new skills to work!

Whether they considered themselves a ‘techy” or not a “techy”, the audience enjoyed the demonstration of “Siri”, an interactive voice program that can answer virtually any question it is asked, along with hearing about the most amazing and popular applications or “apps”. 
If you would like to learn more about the interesting and informative seminars available at Delmanor Northtown, or if you would like a tour of the retirement residence, please contact Laurie Fortin, Marketing & Community Relations Manager at (416) 225-9146(416) 225-9146 or visit them online at

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