Delmanor Wynford Residents Learn Nordic Pole Walking!

Delmanor Wynford Residents and Community Members, joined with Greg Bellamy from Nordixx Pole Walking for a Nordic Ski Pole Walking Demonstration.

Greg’s informative presentation included details on cross country ski origins, along with the wonderful health benefits that can be achieved with pole walking.  The activity uses 90% of the body’s muscles and burns twice as many calories as conventional walking.  With the use of poles, it provides extra stability by encouraging good posture, as well as causing less strain on the hips and knee joints as compared to straight walking alone.

Baycrest Geriatric Hospital recommends pole walking as an ideal exercise for maintaining good brain health along with the many physical health benefits.  This is due to the co ordination required for simultaneous arm and leg movements.

The Delmanor Seniors were anxious to take the poles for a “test drive” throughout the Wynford Centre.  They were impressed by the stability and confidence that came from using the poles.  The residents could not believe the wonderful workout that they experienced from this very versatile exercise program!

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