Practicing & Promoting Safety at Delmanor Northtown

Retired Police Officer Bob Paterson was invited to Delmanor Northtown to discuss safety tips with residents and invited guests.

Promoting safety is obviously one of the key components within the police department, and with Mr. Paterson’s vast experience, he was able to provide the seniors with much insight into this area of law enforcement and protection.

Bob informed the residents of many helpful safety tips tell tale signs of potential danger that should never be ignored.  One area of great concern involves relationships that are made either online or though other means.  When it comes to love, a new friendship or romance, people tend to let their guards down and make themselves vulnerable to predators.

Mr. Paterson told the residents that the other potential dangerous area to watch out for, especially with seniors, is charitable donations.  While most of us want to help when we can, there are safe and secure ways of donating to these charities.

Bob explained to the seniors that with new technology, comes new opportunities for crimes to be committed.  The Delmanor Northtown residents were very grateful for this insight and the safeguards that were given to them to help protect themselves from harm.

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