Delmanor Prince Edward Hosts a Private Kitchen Tour!

Delmanor Prince Edward’s highly acclaimed Culinary Services Manager,  Chef Gaurav Saxena, invited a group of residents into his kitchen for a private tour and close up peek at just what it takes to produce the delicious, balanced and nutritious cuisine that is served daily to the Delmanor Prince Edward seniors.

The residents were treated to an informative tour outlining the Chef’s approach to culinary excellence.  The seniors were impressed with Chef Gaurav’s kitchen that showcased modern amenities, impressive organization, spotlessly clean stainless steel prep tables, and professional equipment.

The residents were keenly interested in learning about the ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes into their every delicious meal.  Chef Guarav is passionate about preparing meals from fresh ingredients and providing a fantastic variety of food for the seniors to enjoy everyday!

If you would like to learn more about the wonderful culinary options offered at Delmanor Prince Edward, or to arrange a tour of the retirement community, please contact Pam, Monique or Julie, Marketing & Community Relations Managers at (416) 233-0725 or online at