Lifelong Learning with Delmanor Glen Abbey

The world of technology is ever changing. Some individuals embrace it with enthusiasm, while others try to hide from it.

Regardless of the various feelings towards technology, it doesn’t stop for fears or personal opinions. It will continue to change the world as we know it, and it’s up to us to learn  how to use it safely and to prosper from its many benefits.



Delmanor Glen Abbey participated in a very helpful hands on presentation from presenter Chris Bint of E-TAG at the Glen Abbey United Church. Chris taught the 30 participants about all things Google covering everything from Youtube to Google Earth, Chrome, Android drive, Gmail and so much more.   Participants were refueled with delicious snacks and refreshments supplied by the culinary department of Delmanor Glen Abbey.  Everyone learned some valuable tips during the session and look forward to learning more!


If you would like to learn more about other informative lifelong learning opportunities from Delmanor Glen Abbey, please contact Nicole McNall or Monique Kuhn, Community Relations Managers at (905) 469-3232 or online at

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