An Afternoon with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at Delmanor Northtown

An Afternoon with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at Delmanor Northtown

James Wallenberg began playing violin at just 9 years of age. With years of perfecting his talent, a Masters in Music in Violin Performance, and having studied with Broadus Erie and Syoko Aki, he joined the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in 1978. James has performed on various concerts series including The Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s Evening Overtures, and he has recorded music for movies as well as television commercials throughout his impressive career!JW TSO 4

This afternoon he played a duet with the very talented flutist Jacqueline Flinker.  Together they played an eclectic mix of songs and some classical repertoire for everyone to enjoy at Delmanor Northtown.


James shared some of his personal attributes with the audience, such as his family history, some experiences with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, what life was like raising twin children, and his involvement in the stand-up comedy world!

For guests and residents of Delmanor Northtown Jim and Jacqueline’s performance, with their combined expertise, was nothing short of precision. The music was a soothing and delightful experience for all! 


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