Exploring Canada’s “Growing Pains” with Lianne Harris

Exploring Canada’s “Growing Pains” with Lianne Harris

In celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary, Lianne Harris recreated the life and times from the period of Canada’s history, from 1885-1918.


Canada’s “Growing Pains” were a period of excitement & upheaval.  It was a time of intense social and economic pressure that created new conditions for change.  This informative, interactive presentation allowed the audience to better enjoy and appreciate Canadian Life during these formative years of our country’s history.  Ms. Harris enlightened the residents to the social aspects of the times and the changing conditions of a  young, emerging country by referring to her own family’s experiences.  Residents were able to see first-hand a full array of authentic antique clothing, shoes, accessories, pictures, grooming aids, household goods, medicines, toys and children’s wear from that time period, belonging to the individuals profiled.



The Delmanor Elgin Mills residents enjoyed learning more about this period of time and sharing stories of times gone by.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful and insightful presentation.


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