Delmanor Northtown’s History of Toronto Seminar

Delmanor Northtown’s History of Toronto Seminar

At Delmanor Northtown’s History of Toronto Seminar, residents took a walk down memory lane with Richard Fiennes-Clinton, from Muddy-York Walking Tours.

Richard has been conducting walking tours with his company, for 20 years.  Since he was a teenager, Richard has been involved with local heritage and history groups.

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 Heritage Toronto, recognized as the official trustee of Toronto’s heritage and history and is responsible for putting up plaques in the city, requested Richard’s assistance in writing, researching and delivering programming. Richard has worked with the 11 local museums that are run by the City of Toronto – Mackenzie House, Fort York, the Zion Schoolhouse and  Gibson House Museum to name a few. He was commission by Tourism Toronto to show the city in detail, to delegates and film crews from all over the world.

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Richard was the guide through a “talking tour” sharing photos and stories of events, visitors and changes to Toronto’s landmarks such as The Royal York, The CN Tower, King Edward Hotel, The Financial District and City Hall.

As the largest city in Canada, we have seen Toronto’s architectural skyline change greatly over the past few decades.  The Northtown residents enjoyed hearing about what a fascinating city they live in and it made everyone even more proud to be Torontonians.         

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