Delmanor Wynford Summer BBQ!

Delmanor Wynford Summer BBQ!

Delmanor Wynford is known for its exceptional parties.  A recently held BBQ on the terrace was certainly no exception!

Residents and family members were treated to a grand selection of salads, tandoori chicken, beef burgers and much more, while relaxing on the patio with family and friends.


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The weather was fantastic for the one summer event that is most cherished and anticipated.  Live music added to the summertime feel of fun in the sun for all!  Residents and guests chatted and mingled together, sharing stories and getting further acquainted.  The welcoming and fun nature of the Wynford residents and team members brings back visitors time and again.  On this wonderful evening in fact, a guest decided right on the spot to make Delmanor Wynford her new home!


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If you would like to learn about more exciting events at Delmanor Wynford, please contact Janice Hicks or Ashley Smith, Community Relations Managers at (416) 331-9797 or visit online at