Delmanor Northtown’s Tribute to the Great Elvis Presley

Delmanor Northtown’s Tribute to the Great Elvis Presley

The incredible life of “the King of Rock n Roll” began in Mississippi in 1935. By the age of thirty, Elvis Presley was one of the highest-paid performers in history of the music business.

Elvis gave unforgettable concerts, had risky dance moves, appeared on numerous television programs, and appeared in almost 30 movies.

A Collingwood Elvis Festival favourite and an award winning Elvis Tribute Artist, Bruce Andrew Stewart and partner Blaze, brought Elvis’ iconic talents to Delmanor Northtown!

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The air was filled with energy. A few residents and guests had seen Elvis Presley in concert, so they likened parts of his performance to the original. For those who were fans and never had the opportunity to hear and see the legend in person it was a great experience. We enjoyed his music, witty charm and felt a little star struck.

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