A Visit to Lionel’s Farm

A Visit to Lionel’s Farm

The Delmanor Elgin Mills residents recently took a trip to Lionel’s Farm in Stouffville.  Rita Purcell, Delmanor Elgin Mills resident owns the farm, along with her 4 children.

Lionel’s opened up their doors and property to the Delmanor group, to allow the residents a behind-the-scenes look at the 36 year long operation of their family petting farm.  Rita and her husband Lionel bought the farm in 1982, and have kept it in immaculate condition.  Lionel’s farm is a very popular destination for families with people of all ages to feed and interact with a variety of animals.

Rita, along with a bus load of Delmanor residents spent the morning feeding the animals carrots and bread, enjoying a wagon ride through the beautiful 50 acres of land they own, and having a gourmet picnic lunch in the countryside.

The Delmanor group consisted of some former farmers, along with animal lovers who were thrilled to spend the day watching the animals play and interact with the visitors.  Everyone at Delmanor Elgin Mills were very grateful to Rita and her family for sharing their beautiful farm with them.


If you would like to learn more about Lionel’s Farm you can visit them online at lionelsfarm.com, to gain more information about Delmanor Elgin Mills, please contact Susan Applebaum or James Lofranco, Community Relations Managers at (905) 770-7963 or visit online at delmanor.com