The Power of the Pen Seminar at Delmanor Northtown

The Power of the Pen Seminar at Delmanor Northtown

Your handwriting can be a paper mirror that reflects your personality!  You can learn about yourself and enhance your communication with others with a little bit of insight.

Together Delmanor Northtown residents and team members studied their own handwriting in comparison with the writing of a few famous people, examining tendencies that could reflect ambition, optimism, persistence, willpower, and even detect if we are holding back our feelings.


Everyone enjoyed a memorable afternoon with Elaine, a certified Graphologist.  Elaine is a key note speaker who has appeared on television programs such as CBC’s Steve and Chris Show, the Mike Bullard Show as well as Breakfast Television. 

For the residents of Delmanor Northtown and guests, Elaine revealed their talents and positive attributes by analysing only their pen strokes, in a fun and interactive way!

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