Northtown Celebrates Robbie Burns Day!

Northtown Celebrates Robbie Burns Day!

The very first Robbie Burns Day was observed in 1797!  In keeping with this very long running tradition, residents and team members honoured Robbie Burns at Delmanor Northtown with a celebration of his life and customs of the day.

Photo courtesy of Ian at Snapd North York

Many residents took out their kilts for the event. This is not an easy feat as kilts are not light weight, the average kilt is made with 8 yards of fabric!  In the Royal Scottish Museum there is fragment of checked cloth known as the Fal-kirk Tartan which dated back to the 3rd century AD.  Northtown resident Jim helped to create the colourful tartan sashes worn by residents in honour of this day. 


With the help of Donald and the wonderful pipers, Residents and team members addressed the Haggis and recited poetry and facts about Robbie Burns.  There were wonderful songs performed by Syd that made everyone feel as if they were in Scotland for the day.  Lovely and talented highland dancers performed wearing their National outfits, worn in competitions in the USA, Scotland, and at the Highland Games. 

The Haggis, the homemade shortbread, and a wee toast of whisky made it a true Robbie Burns celebration!

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