The Delmanor Wynford Robbie Burns Day Festivities!

The Delmanor Wynford Robbie Burns Day Festivities!

Celebrated Scottish poet, Robert Burns, once again had a place in the Delmanor Wynford dining room.  Complete with bagpipes, tartan and Haggis, residents and guests alike enjoyed the fanfare that has been annually celebrated since five years after his death in 1796.

Residents arrived adorned in tartan – kilts, sashes, ties, crests… is always a pleasure to hear the discussions and the history of each treasured family tartan and crest.

A record amount of guests joined the Delmanor Wynford Residents for this event this year, also sporting their Scottish heritage, or one adopted for the day!

Of course the haggis was the star of the show along with the Address of the Haggis by Ken, all to wrap up another fabulous celebration with a scotch toast by all!


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