MPP David Zimmer Senior Panel at Delmanor Northtown

MPP David Zimmer Senior Panel at Delmanor Northtown

Delmanor Northtown hosted a Seniors Panel with the MPP of Willowdale, David Zimmer.

MPP Zimmer was available to answer some of the resident’s questions. He discussed changes affecting seniors and the new strategies that are being implemented by the Government of Ontario.

Residents learned about many pertinent issues, tax credits that are available to those who take public transit, prescription drug coverage for those 65 and over, and how to find out what specific drugs are included for coverage.  Mr. Zimmer further outlined the commitment to have an additional  30,000 new Long Term Care beds added in Ontario.

Health Networks and Hospitals are there to support seniors in all communities.  Such networks and hospitals support requests for fall prevention programs, the need for respite care, additional personal support worker services needed, and also stress the importance of access for all seniors.

With the senior population increasing in Ontario, it is extremely important that all older adults are aware of the many services that are available to assist them, as well as any opportunities that may be available through the various government networks.  All who attended the seminar were grateful for the information provided as well as for the opportunity to ask questions of their local MPP.

Should you wish to learn more about content shared at the panel, please contact Laurie or Keri, Community Relations Managers at (416) 225-9146 or online at