Gardening Solutions Seminar with Charlie Dobbin

Gardening Solutions Seminar with Charlie Dobbin

Spring has sprung just in time for Delmanor Northtown to welcome guest speaker Charlie Dobbin!

 Charlie is a well-known horticulturist, landscape designer and consultant. She has 18 years of experience in retail garden centers. She is currently a college teacher and host of the Garden Show on AM740 on Saturday mornings.

 Charlie has diverse experience as the co-host on the HGTV-show “One Garden – Two Looks”, Horticultural Director for Canada Blooms, and Garden Director for the Laminato Festival in 2015.

Charlie came to Delmanor to share helpful tips on topics such as edibles, houseplants that keep us healthy, how to keep our flowering plants flowering, plus great plant choices for container gardens.

 Residents and invited guests were able to ask for gardening solutions to their particular issues. Watering can definitely be a challenging,  but Charlie discussed ideal frequency of watering, using misters, and watering the soil rather than the plant leaves. Residents learned how light, water, food, temperature and air flow all make a difference to plants. Charlie reviewed ideal times for fertilizing and compared the differences in various types of plant foods. Now we know the best way to care for our orchids!

 There are award winning gardens located just outside of Delmanor Northtown’s east facing doors. With the three outdoor terraces there are many opportunities for residents to enjoy greenery and get their “hands dirty” by growing their own fresh flowers, herbs and vegetables.

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