Meeting the Candidates at Delmanor Northtown

Meeting the Candidates at Delmanor Northtown

The City of Toronto will be carrying out a 25-ward election on Oct 22nd.

Many of the 18 Candidates for City Councillor for Ward 18 Willowdale came to Delmanor Northtown for a meet and greet with the residents and their families last week.  It was an occasion to meet face to face, ask specific questions and hear more about each candidate’s platform and goals for serving our flourishing community.

Topics such as the Yonge Street subway extension line, TTC, plans for re-imaging Yonge Street, property tax, response time for medical emergencies, & tax increases where all deliberated.  

 Northtown residents were also able to pick up literature that contained information about the candidate including their background and experience. They discussed and took away proposals that they can now reflect on to make their vote count.

 If you have questions about precise voting situations, you can also contact the elections office at 416-338-1111 or email  For more information about the variety of programs at Delmanor Northtown please contact Laurie or Keri at (416) 225-9146.