The Amazing Universe with Delmanor Prince Edward

The Amazing Universe with Delmanor Prince Edward

John Percy, Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Toronto came to to Delmanor Prince Edward to educate residents and guests with his profusely-illustrated, non-technical presentation that introduced the audience to the universe, as astronomers understand it today.

Professor Percy spoke of the earth, planets, comets, stars, asteroids, and black holes, along with many other interesting facts that prove that the universe is just as exciting as anything you will see in science fiction, and it’s real!

Dr. Percy spoke on how all life on earth is related.  He informed the residents how life has developed on earth for four billion years, producing millions of species, including us!  He captivated the audience and left lots of time for questions about anything astronomical that came from his presentation.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this fascinating seminar and learned so much more about the universe that surrounds us all.

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