Fraud and Crime Prevention & Safety Seminar at Delmanor Northtown

Fraud and Crime Prevention & Safety Seminar at Delmanor Northtown

Unfortunately, there are people that will try to take advantage of others and these criminals are getting more aggressive and creative in their fraudulent ways. 

 Delmanor Northtown held a Crime and Fraud Prevention Seminar with Constable Sue Stam, a Toronto Police Service Crime Prevention Officer from 32 Division that helped to educate everyone on what to do, and what not to do to prevent fraud.  Constable Stam shared helpful advice to help prevent anyone from falling victim to the latest scams.  

This informative lecture educated  the audience about the latest tactics being used by phone, email, and door to door visits.  One of the most common schemes is lottery and contest winning scams that will ask for credit card information.   A good rule to follow is if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

Constable Stam instructed the residents to protect their personal information. PIN numbers or Social Insurances numbers should never be shared with someone that that you don’t know, or claims to be from the government or a financial institution.  Never give or send cash to anyone you do not know. Some fraudsters will falsely claim that the money is for a family member or a friend, always be sure you know who you are speaking with.  Never allow strangers into your home, as some criminals will knock on your door offering a service and be persistent about signing a contact or paying money on the spot. 


As Canadians we are generally very polite people, and sometimes we feel pressured into acting right away to avoid trouble. From this lecture the Northtown residents learned that if they have any doubt about a suspicious call, letter or visitor, they could ask for the person’s telephone number and verify with a trusted friend or the police department.  You can never be too careful!

 For more information about our Senior Safety Lecture or about Delmanor Northtown,  please contact Laurie Fortin or Keri Armstrong at 416-225-9146.