The Healthy Hearts Chef Challenge!

The Healthy Hearts Chef Challenge!

It was heart month again!  Along with Valentine’s Day, Cardiac Health Canada holds an annual charity fund raiser that welcomes elite culinary teams from various retirement communities to put forth their best heart healthy entree for the prestigious award of culinary best!

The talented Delmanor team astounded once again with a highly acclaimed dish consisting of grilled lamb chops dusted with zaatar spice served with a chick pea lentil patty, pickled radishes and turnips, garlic and mint yogurt sauce garnished with radish sprouts!

The Delmanor dish tasted even better than it sounds and won the best taste profile event yet again, making it four consecutive years!  This years event included four other retirement communities including Revera, Esprit, Chartwell & Schlegel Villages.

What a wonderful opportunity not only for the competitive advantages of culinary teams pushing themselves to achieve even greater dishes, but the team building and camaraderie that can only come from exceptional culinary environments.  The Cardiac Healthy Heart Chef Challenge was an incredible success yet again!  Not only was it an opportunity to showcase Delmanor’s exquisite culinary team, but also that all proceeds of funds collected were donated to the exercise facility of the cardiac health wing at Sick Kids Hospital!  A rewarding and memorable time was had by all!

We would love to have you visit one of our beautiful properties to experience this cuisine for yourselves, please contact us at (416) 736-2520 or visit at to arrange a lunch at the Delmanor property near you!