The World of Birds at Delmanor Northtown

We recently celebrated the first official day of Spring.  It is now safe to say the winter snow banks are melting and the birds are returning!

The Royal Ontario Museum Outreach team returned to Delmanor Northtown sharing particulars about the R.O.M’s World of Birds exhibit.

There is an incredible diversity of birds found in our world. The R.O.M team shared some of the many interesting and often unknown facts about birds with the Northtown audience. The mighty sea bird the albatross for example, has a wing span of nine feet, while some other birds do not fly more than two acres away from their original place of birth!  The presentation covered many different species of birds, some extinct and some close to extinction. They talked about tropical birds, flightless birds, tiny songbirds and even the birds that visit Delmanor Northtown’s own yard and terraces.

Residents love to see the bright red of the cardinals in our trees or see the chubby robins sitting on our terraces at Delmanor Northtown.

This presentation was fascinating both to those that consider themselves avid birdwatchers, as well as those that simply enjoy watching our fine feathered friends.

For more information about the many interesting lectures at Delmanor Northtown please call Laurie Fortin or Keri Armstrong at 416-225-9146.