Oakville Museum’s Spring Costume Collection

Oakville Museum’s Spring Costume Collection

Along with Delmanor Glen Abbey, the Oakville Museum brought their fabulous Spring costume collection to celebrate the change of seasons with gorgeous greens signifying rebirth and regrowth.

The Museum’s collection featuring period dresses in various shades of green is set up in the spring sunshine of Glen Abbey’s fireside lounge. Green is nature’s colour that represents tranquility, good luck, health and jealousy. The colour green is often used in home decorating for its calming effect.

The Oakville Museum is home to a diverse collection of objects that reflect the history of Oakville, including costumes, textiles, fine & decorative art and ethnological artifacts.

The Museum curators will continue to display their series of colourful clothing at Glen Abbey throughout the seasons this year. Everyone at Glen Abbey looks forward to the next colour display of Youthful Yellows for Summer!

To learn about other exciting events coming to Delmanor Glen Abbey or to arrange a tour of the residence, please contact Monique Kuhn or Pat Niblett, Community Relations Managers at (905) 469-3232 or visit online at delmanor.com.