Honouring the Life of Istvan Anhalt on Yom HaShoah

Honouring the Life of Istvan Anhalt on Yom HaShoah

Many Canadians observe Yom Hashoah, also known as Holocaust Remembrance Day, with various tributes, memorials and ceremonies.

Delmanor Northtown observed this day with a history of music lecture presented by Dr. Robin Elliott who featured and celebrated the accomplishments of Istvan Anhalt.   This year marks the 100th anniversary of Istvan Anhalt’s birth in Hungary.

As Istvan’s biographer, Dr. Elliott, Professor of Musicology who holds Jean A. Chalmers Chair in Canadian Music at the University of Toronto, was able to share significant stories of Istvan’s life.  Residents learned that after the war Istvan moved to Paris to study music.  He immigrated to Canada and served as a professor of music at McGill University where he founded their Electronic Music Studio.  Istvan served as head of music at Queen’s University in Kingston where he went on to receive awards such as the Order of Canada, and a Juno Award for Classical Composition in 2005.

Istvan Anhalt was a Holocaust survivor, a talented composer, and friend to Dr. Robin Elliott, who spoke passionately about his life, while Stephanie, a pianist that accompanied Dr. Elliott, played salient samples of Istvan’s music.

The way in which each survivor deals with the holocaust is as individual as the person himself.  Anhalt’s courage and gratitude to those who helped in the most difficult times allowed him to move forward and continue to achieve musical greatness.

The Northtown residents thoroughly enjoyed this presentation by Dr. Robin Elliott and the opportunity to learn more about the life and accomplishments of Istvan Anhalt.

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