Ice Cream Truck Treats at Delmanor Glen Abbey

Ice Cream Truck Treats at Delmanor Glen Abbey

Who doesn’t love ice cream on a warm summer day? Nothing makes ice cream taste even better than when it arrives in an ice cream truck surrounded by your friends!

There is something about an ice cream truck that brings an added layer of nostalgia and fun to any event. The Delmanor Glen Abbey Residents were treated to this delicious experience at their very own front door!

Summer memories from our childhood are for many not complete without the tell tale ringing of the bells that the ice cream truck was close by! We would scramble into our homes asking a parent for some loose change so that we could have a cool treat on a hot summer day.

Fun stories of yesteryear were shared as residents enjoyed some delicious ice cream. It is so nice to see some summer traditions continue after so many years while so many others seem to have changed over time.

The Glen Abbey Residents were thrilled with the surprise arrival of the ice cream truck and hope they get this surprise again very soon!

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