Protecting Ontario’s Turtles at Delmanor Glen Abbey

Protecting Ontario’s Turtles at Delmanor Glen Abbey

Turtles are disappearing in Ontario, but through education and information, more people in Ontario are learning how to help protect and conserve Ontario’s native turtles and the habitats in which they live.

The Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, (home of the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre) is a registered charity whose goal it is to protect and help Ontario’s turtles. The turtle hospital treats, rehabilitates and releases injured turtles. They perform extensive research to further conservation efforts, and provide extensive education programs and outreach to help educate the public as to how one person can make a difference for the survival of turtles!

Representatives visited Delmanor Glen Abbey for a wonderful presentation for the residents and guests that explained that all eight species of Ontario turtles are now listed as species at risk. The audience learned about how the turtle hospital operates and what each of us can do to help to protect Ontario’s turtles.

Injuries to turtles from automobiles, boats, fish hooks, dogs and humans, are second only to habitat destruction, as the cause for many of the species’ decline. As education is key to conservation, Delmanor Glen Abbey was happy to host the OTCC to help foster awareness and direct conservation actions to help to protect Ontario’s turtles.

Residents and guests were able to interact with the presenters that made the trip from the Kawartha Lakes area, in order to address questions from the audience. Residents shared their appreciation for the selfless dedication to protecting Ontario’s turtles, while enjoying refreshments and chocolate turtles with the turtle ambassadors!

To learn about what you can do to help Ontario’s turtles, or what to do if you see an injured turtle, please click here. For more information about events coming to Delmanor Glen Abbey, please see our events page here.