living-well4At Delmanor, we recognize that there is more to retirement than just putting in time. We believe in a caring community that allows you to enjoy the retirement you’ve worked hard to achieve.

We believe in new beginnings rather than old dreams. We believe that friendships keep us young, that activity keeps us fit and that interactions keep us whole. We believe we all have the power, individually and collectively, to make retirement fulfilling. Simply put, we believe that our enjoyment of life includes attention to body, mind and spirit. The Delmanor LivingWell™ program encourages individual empowerment to build a sense of community.

Our LivingWell™ program not only helps
you set goals, but also helps you reach them.

That means more mobility, agility, flexibility, balance and stamina. It includes group and individual exercise programs that can help increase muscle strength by over 60% for men and 75% for women in a matter of a few months. Research has shown that older adults with active lifestyles are often as healthy as people fifteen years their junior. Physical activity contributes to prolonged good health, resistance to illness, and independence. Regular exercise increases the oxygen flowing to the muscles and the brain; that makes for a happier and healthier you. Coupled with a healthy diet, like the one provided daily by our chefs, you’ll soon find yourself being able to bend, twist, stretch and carry more.

Your LivingWell™ coach will carefully develop a program just for you.

With their support you’ll work at your own pace to reach your goals. Your program can help reduce your risk of heart disease, increase bone density, rehabilitate back pain, minimize the risk of falls, adult-onset diabetes and develop an overall sense of well-being.

You’ll also find LivingWell™ events and activities that are designed to stimulate your mind and enrich your spirit.

Explore the internet in our computer lounge or join a discussion, reading, puzzle, crossword, book, wine tasting, and card, hobby or art group. They’re all LivingWell™ events designed to expand your mind and stimulate your thinking. Share your experience with others, or just sit back and listen to a guest lecturer. But it doesn’t stop there. You can let your spirit soar with individual or group meditation, nature hikes, outdoor excursions or yoga.

Most of all you’ll find LivingWell™ is all about fun, no matter which programs you choose to experience. We made it that way on purpose because, as Mark Twain said, “he who laughs, lasts.” Our residents find the LivingWell™ program works for them:

  • Pat M. said that she “is just astounded at how much better my legs feel since I have been using NuStep machine and doing the hamstring stretch (Sue) gave me.”
  • Jean M. said that her neurologist was amazed at how well she was doing and “I feel it’s because of LivingWell™ program goals I’ve set on the stationary bike and the affect of the fitness classes I’m attending.”
  • Rose B suffers from back pain. She is repeatedly amazed at how her personal exercise goals in the LivingWell™ program always seem to reduce her pain. This week she stopped me in the hall to show me how much her pain and function had improved.

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