Delmanor Northtown’s Tribute to the Great Elvis Presley

The incredible life of “the King of Rock n Roll” began in Mississippi in 1935. By the age of thirty, Elvis Presley was one of the highest-paid performers in history of the music business. Elvis gave unforgettable concerts, had risky dance moves, appeared on numerous television programs, and appeared in almost 30 movies. A Collingwood […]

Cycling Without Age at Delmanor Prince Edward!

On a sunny summer afternoon, “Cycling Without Age Toronto” visited Delmanor Prince Edward. Cycling Without Age is a movement that started in 2012 in Denmark, with the mission of taking older adults who can no longer ride bicycles on a journey down memory lane.  This was a wonderful visit that reminded residents what it felt […]

Delmanor Prince Edward’s Rooftop Beehive

Delmanor Prince Edward’s rooftop was alive when a beehive arrived for the residents front row observation in Prince Edward’s first honey harvest. Bee-keeper (Patrick) visits Delmanor Prince Edward once a month to ensure the Queen Bee and her colony were working together in their fascinating feat of making sweet, delicious honey.  Patrick has shared interesting […]

Delmanor Northtown’s History of Toronto Seminar

At Delmanor Northtown’s History of Toronto Seminar, residents took a walk down memory lane with Richard Fiennes-Clinton, from Muddy-York Walking Tours. Richard has been conducting walking tours with his company, for 20 years.  Since he was a teenager, Richard has been involved with local heritage and history groups.  Heritage Toronto, recognized as the official trustee of Toronto’s […]

Resident & Student Workshop at Delmanor Glen Abbey

At Delmanor Glen Abbey we believe that the more opportunities to incorporate multi-generational programming, the better! Youth of various ages from the Community Youth Action Network in Oakville joined the excited residents of Delmanor Glen Abbey to create wonderful mini potted plants and treasured memories. Residents with hands that have been tending to greenery for decades were able […]

Exploring Canada’s “Growing Pains” with Lianne Harris

In celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary, Lianne Harris recreated the life and times from the period of Canada’s history, from 1885-1918. Canada’s “Growing Pains” were a period of excitement & upheaval.  It was a time of intense social and economic pressure that created new conditions for change.  This informative, interactive presentation allowed the audience to […]

MemoryPlus Opens at Delmanor Elgin Mills

MemoryPlus is a protected neighborhood within our community offering an enriched and dignified environment designed to enhance your loved one’s quality of life. Because no one is defined solely by their dementia, at Delmanor we recognize your loved one is a person with a long and vibrant history and their journey with dementia is just […]

Delmanor Northtown Thank Their Wonderful Volunteers

Delmanor Northtown is a vibrant and active community and their amazing team of volunteers play a big part in that!  Selflessly, the Northtown Volunteers share their talent and time to run wonderful activities, assist with many special events, take on fundraising projects, create beautiful gardens and so much more! We are so lucky to have […]