Delmanor’s Annual Education Day

“If you do what you love, you‘ll never work a day in your life”. Employee education is extremely important to Delmanor & Tridel. On-going education contributes to high staff satisfaction and provides more value to their staff in their roles. Providing continuing education opportunities improves employee’s job performance and overall workplace satisfaction. Delmanor recently held their 2019 Education Day that featured […]

Steeped in History! The Story of Tea

Residents of Delmanor Glen Abbey were treated to a presentation focused on the world’s most widely consumed beverage, tea! According to Chinese legend, tea originated around 2750 BC and was found to have medicinal properties. The story is that an Emperor was boiling water when a leaf fell into his pot creating a delicious flavour, […]

Retirement Celebration at Delmanor Glen Abbey

Delmanor Retirement Communities is not only a highly sought after location to spend your retirement years, it is also a very desirable place of employment due to its exceptional standards and high level of staff satisfaction. Each of the Delmanor team members share a common trait and that is their dedication to the residents, and […]

Origami Canada Workshop at Delmanor Elgin Mills

Origami Canada is a non-profit organization that provides complimentary mobile origami workshops for groups of all ages. This unique program came to Delmanor Elgin Mills for the first time to delight residents with the fun and relaxing past time that many had never experienced before. Residents commented that they felt a sense of relaxation while […]

Market Time at Delmanor Prince Edward!

Delmanor Prince Edward celebrated its first Annual Food Market with Residents, Family Members, Community Neighbours and the Delmanor Team. Eight incredible vendors came to Delmanor Prince Edward to share their talents and creations with the eager guests. There was a lovely assortment of raffle gifts, yummy swirl cupcakes, Tea with Tracie, Girl Guide Cookies, AB’s […]


[From Left: Sheldon Gould, COO of Delmanor, Elaine Wood, VP of Marketing and Operations, Rachel Gilliland, Town of Aurora Councillor, Aurora Mayor Tom Mrakas, Andrew DelZotto, Executive Vice President of Tridel, Dino Carmel, President & CEO of Deltera, Mark Witkowski, Senior Vice President, Asset Management, Tridel] – Photo by Jarrod Stark. In 2002, Delmanor built […]

Celebrating the Fab Four at Delmanor Elgin Mills!

The Beatles influenced generations of people, and their music continues to have a profound impact even today. They not only changed music and the way it was made, but they inspired an entire cultural revolution. No band has stood the test of time quite like the Beatles. They can easily be said to be the […]

LivingWell Lecture Series with Author Joy Fielding

As part of Delmanor’s LivingWell Lecture Series, Delmanor residents were thrilled to welcome New York Times best-selling author Joy Fielding for an event at each of the Delmanor Residences. The lectures featured some of her works, along with the opportunity to meet Joy Fielding in an intimate and friendly setting. Delmanor Residents were treated to […]

Culinary Delights at Delmanor Northtown

The name Strudel derives from the German word for “whirlpool”.  The swirling appearance of strudel resembled the movement of water or air currant as seen in a small whirlpool. Strudel is made by rolling paper-thin layers of dough, then constantly stretching and repeatedly folding these individual layers. Coatings of cold butter are applied between each […]

Creswell Dance Academy Visits Delmanor Wynford!

The talented Creswell Dance Academy’s competitive dance team came to Delmanor Wynford for a thrilling performance of some of their award winning routines. The Delmanor Wynford seniors and invited guests loved watching the skilled dancers with their precision moves and contagious energy. Many residents reminisced with their own experiences in dance and enjoyed rekindling the […]