Oakville Museum Costume Display at Delmanor Glen Abbey!

Delmanor Glen Abbey is celebrating Brilliant Blues in the depth of winter. The Oakville Museum’s Costume Collection featuring dresses in brilliant blue shades is currently set up in the warm fireside lounge at Delmanor Glen Abbey.  Residents and community members are enjoying the chance to view, reminisce, and make comments like, “I remember that style”, […]

Delmanor Northtown’s Art Showcase – Art & Passion Combined!

Nina Amin, a world renowned artist has been holding Art Therapy classes at Delmanor Northtown since April 2018. The program started as an idea and grew into something well beyond the masterpieces created.  Some who joined were talented resident artists who have enjoyed painting all of their lives, while others discovered their talents upon trying […]

After All, Friends are the Family You Choose!

“Everyone has a friend during each stage of life, but only the lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life”. Friendships made at Delmanor Wynford are truly special.  The relationships are nurtured daily with fun events, wonderful meals and  memorable outings.  Residents are introduced to many new people when they are welcomed […]

What’s the Deal with Vitamin D?

Sue Meritt, one of Delmanor’s LivingWell coaches did a presentation on Vitamin D, held in Delmanor Elgin Mills’ newly renovated LivingWell Center. Residents and guests learned how Vitamin D impacts every aspect of our health.  Making sure that we have enough Vitamin D is probably the single easiest thing we can do to be healthier, […]

Scottish Country Dancing at Delmanor Elgin Mills

In keeping with all of the Robbie Burns celebrations held at Delmanor Seniors Communities, Delmanor Elgin Mills held their own Scottish tribute event featuring the very talented and highly motivational Scottish Country Dancers. Residents and team members alike watched during the traditional address of the haggis and listened intently as a Robbie Burns poem was […]

Robbie Burns, “Ode to Scotland” at Delmanor Prince Edward

Delmanor Prince Edward residents, family and team members enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of piping in of the haggis, addressing of the haggis and celebrating the history and life of Robert Burns, Scotland’s famous poet.   The sound of the magnificent bagpipes could be heard throughout the building while residents and guests enjoyed warm haggis, or […]

The Best of ABBA at Delmanor Prince Edward

Delmanor Prince Edward residents heated things up on a cold winter day with an amazing tribute show focused on the Swedish Pop Group featuring Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Fri, better known by the first letter of each of their names, ABBA. This amazing tribute show called ‘The Best of ABBA’ had everyone at Delmanor Prince […]

Delmanor Northtown Celebrated Robbie Burns Day!

Lads and Lasses all came together to celebrate Robbie Burns Day at Delmanor Northtown! Scotland has much to celebrate; with friendly people, marvelous castles, beautiful architecture, rich history, quaint towns, the endless rolling green hills of the Highlands, and the beauty of Skye.  Residents and team members enjoyed celebrating this beautiful country for the day. […]

The Amazing Universe with Delmanor Prince Edward

John Percy, Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Toronto came to to Delmanor Prince Edward to educate residents and guests with his profusely-illustrated, non-technical presentation that introduced the audience to the universe, as astronomers understand it today. Professor Percy spoke of the earth, planets, comets, stars, asteroids, and black holes, along with […]

Robbie Burns Day Celebration at Delmanor Glen Abbey!

The residents of Delmanor Glen Abbey have a deep appreciation for poetry and theatrics.  The recent Robbie Burns Day celebration was a wonderful opportunity to merge these interests with good food and wonderful friends.  The annual Robbie Burns day event is always popular at Delmanor Glen Abbey, residents and team members enjoy honoring Scotland’s most […]