[From Left: Sheldon Gould, COO of Delmanor, Elaine Wood, VP of Marketing and Operations, Rachel Gilliland, Town of Aurora Councillor, Aurora Mayor Tom Mrakas, Andrew DelZotto, Executive Vice President of Tridel, Dino Carmel, President & CEO of Deltera, Mark Witkowski, Senior Vice President, Asset Management, Tridel] – Photo by Jarrod Stark. In 2002, Delmanor built […]

Celebrating the Fab Four at Delmanor Elgin Mills!

The Beatles influenced generations of people, and their music continues to have a profound impact even today. They not only changed music and the way it was made, but they inspired an entire cultural revolution. No band has stood the test of time quite like the Beatles. They can easily be said to be the […]

LivingWell Lecture Series with Author Joy Fielding

As part of Delmanor’s LivingWell Lecture Series, Delmanor residents were thrilled to welcome New York Times best-selling author Joy Fielding for an event at each of the Delmanor Residences. The lectures featured some of her works, along with the opportunity to meet Joy Fielding in an intimate and friendly setting. Delmanor Residents were treated to […]

Culinary Delights at Delmanor Northtown

The name Strudel derives from the German word for “whirlpool”.  The swirling appearance of strudel resembled the movement of water or air currant as seen in a small whirlpool. Strudel is made by rolling paper-thin layers of dough, then constantly stretching and repeatedly folding these individual layers. Coatings of cold butter are applied between each […]

Creswell Dance Academy Visits Delmanor Wynford!

The talented Creswell Dance Academy’s competitive dance team came to Delmanor Wynford for a thrilling performance of some of their award winning routines. The Delmanor Wynford seniors and invited guests loved watching the skilled dancers with their precision moves and contagious energy. Many residents reminisced with their own experiences in dance and enjoyed rekindling the […]

York Region’s Walk for Alzheimer Society

The Alzheimer Society of York Region hosts a variety of events throughout the year that raise funds for ongoing and vital support for all of their important programs and services for seniors. Held at Briars Resort and Spa, the Walk for Alzheimer’s event this year was another wonderful success! Despite some damp weather, participants laced […]

Delmanor Glen Abbey Hosts the Burlington Welsh Ladies Chorus!

Delmanor Glen Abbey’s excellent recreation programming helps to enhance the lives of their residents.  Hosting various types of high-quality entertainment not only improves the well-being of their residents, but it encourages regular social contact with friends and neighbours. The Burlington Welsh Ladies Chorus was founded in early 2017 with nine members, following in the footsteps […]

The New Influencers: Why Boomers are changing foodservice

By Divakar Raju – Click here to read original article. While we tend to assume foodies are Instagramming Millennials, there are other important players leading the charge in the evolution of food culture. Boomers are huge influencers, and they lend their clout to different areas as they retire. According to StatCan, 5,000 Canadian Boomers are retiring […]