Steps to LivingWell

December is typically a busy month with social engagements, house guests, visiting, shopping and all the other “to-dos”, and can be stressful and overwhelming for many. The holidays can bring additional stress from multiple travel plans, changes in routines and even seasonal depression. Try these five helpful tips to minimize your stress. Set realistic goals: […]

Steps to LivingWell

In our August LivingWell article we talked about snacking throughout the day and the importance of choosing your snacks wisely. Here’s how you can stay within your daily calorie budget. Studies show the benefits of eating breakfast-including helping you lose weight. People who skip breakfast actually eat more calories overall (usually from sugary and fatty […]

Steps to LivingWell

Since you need fewer calories as you age, it might be tempting to skip meals or cut snacks to keep your weight in check. But if you miss breakfast, go too long without eating, or snack on sweets, you may not only set yourself up for diet disaster but speed up the aging process as […]

Steps to LivingWell

Shield yourself from the Aging effects of the sun. By some estimates, sun exposure accounts for nearly 90 percent of age related damage to often-exposed areas such as the face, the back of the neck and the back of the hands. Ultraviolet (UVA) rays are responsible for long-term photoaging, while UVB’s are behind sunburns. Both […]

Delmanor Northtown Residents Celebrate, ‘Celtic Style’!

Delmanor Northtown residents found everything, from traditional Irish folk music, to a mouthwatering Irish menu, shamrocks galore, and of course, Irish folk tales and legends, all to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The days’ events started with a morning game of Jackpot Bingo for those seniors that were feeling the ‘luck of the Irish‘.  Following Bingo, […]

Delmanor Northtown’s New & Exciting International Student Program!

A new initiative that Delmanor Northtown piloted, allows a volunteer student from Europe to come to Canada to contribute and learn from the wonderful staff and residents of Delmanor Northtown. Joanna was selected after an extensive interview process that was conducted with the technological advances provided by Skype.  Joanna was required to pass the interview […]

Progressive Bridge Tournament at Delmanor Wynford

Residents and members of the Delmanor Wynford community that were seeking a bridge tournament with learning potential, gathered in the Wynford Centre to learn from Bridge Master, Alex Kornel.  During the tournament, Alex explained how understanding the technique of effective bidding is key to successful bridge playing.  Through this in-depth explanation of bidding, Alex was […]

Art Expression at Delmanor Glen Abbey

Expression and creativity through artwork promotes well being at every age.  When participating in art therapy, seniors relax, explore, share, and enjoy the creative and social benefits of the activity. Artistic expression helps individuals cope with lifestyle changes, physical limitations, and periods of social transition.  The artists at Delmanor Glen Abbey were engaged in colour […]