Celebrating Delmanor Day 2019!

One of the many goals that Delmanor team members focus on each day with their residents, is to provide a sense of community, family and belonging. It’s all part of delivering The Delmanor Experience each and every day! Each year, residents and team members from all five Delmanor Communities come together for a day of […]

Cycling Without Age at Delmanor Prince Edward!

On a sunny summer afternoon, “Cycling Without Age Toronto” visited Delmanor Prince Edward. Cycling Without Age is a movement that started in 2012 in Denmark, with the mission of taking older adults who can no longer ride bicycles on a journey down memory lane.  This was a wonderful visit that reminded residents what it felt […]

Delmanor Northtown Thank Their Wonderful Volunteers

Delmanor Northtown is a vibrant and active community and their amazing team of volunteers play a big part in that!  Selflessly, the Northtown Volunteers share their talent and time to run wonderful activities, assist with many special events, take on fundraising projects, create beautiful gardens and so much more! We are so lucky to have […]

Steps to LivingWell

Even though March is just around the corner, the cold weather and lack of strong sunshine can result in the February blahs that don’t thaw until spring. It’s that time of year when our energy drops, exercise dwindles and our new year’s resolutions lose their zest! There are many ways to stay energized and healthy […]

Out of the cold Sock Drive

Our first ever “Out of the Cold Sock Drive” was embraced by residents and team members from all of our Delmanor properties! Our friendly competition between sister sites raised a whopping 912 pairs of socks! This initiative is to support homelessness in our community by providing as many new pairs of socks as we can. Socks […]

Steps to LivingWell

December is typically a busy month with social engagements, house guests, visiting, shopping and all the other “to-dos”, and can be stressful and overwhelming for many. The holidays can bring additional stress from multiple travel plans, changes in routines and even seasonal depression. Try these five helpful tips to minimize your stress. Set realistic goals: […]

Steps to LivingWell

In our August LivingWell article we talked about snacking throughout the day and the importance of choosing your snacks wisely. Here’s how you can stay within your daily calorie budget. Studies show the benefits of eating breakfast-including helping you lose weight. People who skip breakfast actually eat more calories overall (usually from sugary and fatty […]

Steps to LivingWell

Since you need fewer calories as you age, it might be tempting to skip meals or cut snacks to keep your weight in check. But if you miss breakfast, go too long without eating, or snack on sweets, you may not only set yourself up for diet disaster but speed up the aging process as […]

Steps to LivingWell

Shield yourself from the Aging effects of the sun. By some estimates, sun exposure accounts for nearly 90 percent of age related damage to often-exposed areas such as the face, the back of the neck and the back of the hands. Ultraviolet (UVA) rays are responsible for long-term photoaging, while UVB’s are behind sunburns. Both […]

Delmanor Northtown Residents Celebrate, ‘Celtic Style’!

Delmanor Northtown residents found everything, from traditional Irish folk music, to a mouthwatering Irish menu, shamrocks galore, and of course, Irish folk tales and legends, all to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The days’ events started with a morning game of Jackpot Bingo for those seniors that were feeling the ‘luck of the Irish‘.  Following Bingo, […]