Aging Well with Athlete Earl Fee at Delmanor Northtown

Mr. Earl Fee, master athlete, came to Delmanor Northtown to host an insightful seminar about his athletic accomplishments and his tips for aging well. Earl & Michael Earl is the author of the books, “How to be a Champion from 9 to 90“, and, “100 Years Young the Natural Way – Body, Mind, Spirit”.  Earl […]

Hands on Exotics Visits Delmanor Elgin Mills

Hands on Exotics, the highly accredited travelling zoo from downtown Toronto came to Delmanor Elgin Mills to share their very popular animal assisted therapy show with the residents. From parrots to pythons, lemurs to lizards, kangaroos to coatis, Hands on Exotics offers hands-on animal interactions and programs to groups and schools all over Southern Ontario. […]

Let’s Play Bridge!

The game of bridge is exciting, challenging, frustrating, humbling, yet never boring.  There are more than 750 trillion possible hands in the game of bridge, so it is impossible to not see something new each time you play. The seniors at Delmanor Wynford appreciate the many benefits of playing bridge.  Bridge is one of the best […]

Delmanor Northtown Celebrates the New 90!

CBC/The National Correspondent Kelly Crowe came to Delmanor Northtown to interview resident Betty Convery for a special report on aging well.  The report is in light of recent Danish research that shows that people are not only living longer, but they are living better! For many seniors, daily chores  require more and more time and eventually become overwhelming […]

Celebrating Seniors’ Month and Healthapalooza!

June is seniors’ month in Ontario.  2013 marks the 29th anniversary of seniors’ month celebrations in our province.  This is the time of year when we take time to celebrate and acknowledge all of our diverse and fantastic seniors that call Ontario home. Delmanor Northtown and Delmanor Wynford were invited to participate in Healthapalooza, a health focused […]

The ‘Wheel of Fitness’ Seminar Travels to Delmanor Northtown

No one can deny the countless benefits of exercise at all stages of life. The LivingWell Lecture Series brought the STEP program from Sandra Sheffield-Young to Delmanor Northtown to educate and inspire the seniors and guests with her specialized older adult specific program.  The Wheel of Fitness As a recognized member of the canfitpro PRO […]

Dancing the Afternoon Away at Delmanor Northtown

The residents of Delmanor Northtown kicked up their heels to the toe-tapping rhythm of Scottish dancing. Members of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society came to the retirement residence to teach the seniors about traditional Scottish dancing. The lively Scottish tunes along with the technique of dancing with multiple partners, made this a fun event that […]

Fitness Makes the Difference at Delmanor Northtown

Many residents at Delmanor Northtown have taken part in the unique exercise program named Flexercise that is offered at the retirement community.  Flexercise energizes the body and jump starts the residents’ day by combining movement and flow. Flexercise classes focus on a circulatory warm up, followed by muscle conditioning using thera-bands and light hand held weights.  Each […]

Painting & Pottery at Delmanor Northtown

Delmanor Northtown welcomed a pottery and painting art session where residents were given the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and take part in a hands-on learning experience. More and more seniors are discovering the rewards of finding a new hobby or rediscovering a pleasurable pastime from their past.  Many crafts are suitable for a […]