Jewelry Making with Ruth at Delmanor Northtown

At the Northtown craft workshop, residents were given the opportunity to learn the basics of jewelry making in a small class setting. Some of the skills Residents were taught included wire-wrapping and stringing techniques that led to fantastic results & endless possibilities!  The tools, wires and supplies needed were made available in the class so that Residents had everything […]

Staying Fit and Staying Safe at Delmanor Northtown

Fitness promotes good health and wards off illness. It can also help to prevent illness such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke, while maintaining bone density and building muscle.  An added bonus of being fit is that it can make you look and feel younger! When you home and staying safe indoors […]

A Silver Lining

DELMANOR INSPIRED CONNECTIONS “A Silver Lining” I started my job at Delmanor Northtown Retirement Residence in September 2019. As a Community Relations Manager, my primary responsibility is to develop and implement sales and marketing programs for the community. Since the start of the pandemic however, the scope of my work has expanded. These days, I […]