Delmanor Glen Abbey Residents Attend Wine Tasting

Residents of Delmanor Glen Abbey were treated to a wine tasting event compliments of Churchill Cellars.

Helen Moffatt & Ray Hayhow enjoying the wine tasting

Twice each month, Churchill Cellars Ltd. publishes a newsletter called The Imbiber’s Report. It features information about their new Vintages products, recent media reviews, special offers (such as Limited Time Offers, exclusive tastings, Events and Bonus Air Miles), consignment wines and general news. The Delmanor seniors were given a first hand look at Churchill Cellars and their extensive products available.

The wine selections for the event were elegantly displayed and the seniors were delighted to sample the bursting flavour of the wine collection.

To obtain more information about retirement living at Delmanor Glen Abbey, please contact Julie Shuster, Marketing & Community Relations Manager (905) 469-3232