Delmanor Wynford Residents Celebrate a Taste of Japan

Delmanor Wynford hosts a monthly Elegant Candlelight Dinner for residents to enjoy. The Japan theme allowed the seniors to dress in kimonos while delighting in traditional Japanese food and beverages.

Resident John Rumball with Recreation Manager Ashly Smith
& Assistant Marketing Manager Monique Kuhn in their kimonos

The entertainment for the event was provided by the talents of Yoshi & Chie. This duo provided traditional Japanese music using the shamisen, sitar and the didgeridoo.

The talented Delmanor Wynford Chefs prepared an elegant meal, comprised of Teriyaki Salmon with Udom Noodles, as well as Chicken & Shrimp Curry with Japanese Bok Choy. For dessert, the seniors were indulged with Coconut & Mango Ice Cream with Poky Sticks.

Resident Mary Yule with Staff Monique, Sophia & Debbie in their Kimonos

The Delmanor retirement Community was bursting with fun & laughter as the seniors celebrated Japanese culture through food, drink & entertainment.

Traditional Japanese Table Setting

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