Living Well Lecture Series – How to Live, Love and Laugh a Lot at Delmanor Northtown

Over 150 guests attended a seminar at Delmanor Northtown on how to live, love and laugh a lot, as part of the ongoing Delmanor Living Well Lecture Series.
Judy Suke, a motivational humorist, was the guest speaker and had the Northtown audience laughing out loud.
Judy had a very entertaining way of explaining how laughter helps to heal the body, soothe the soul, lift your spirits and give you energy.
The Living Well Lecture Series at Delmanor Northtown
The residents and guests were shown how to use laughter to face life on life’s terms, live in the present, control negative thoughts, reduce stress and protect self confidence.
The laughter and smiles continued into the Willowdale Lounge where the Delmanor chefs served a delicious assortment of desserts and refreshments.
This very popular event was thoroughly enjoyed by the many guests in attendance and left everyone in a very positive and happy place.
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