The Wynford Warblers Dazzle Over the Holidays!

Delmanor Wynford was filled with holiday cheer throughout the month of December as the Wynford Warblers performed in their very first concert together. Members of the choir dressed in white tops and black pants and completed their outfits with flashing Christmas hats and jingling bells. The concert was uplifting as the Wynford Warblers sang popular Christmas songs that put all spectators in the Christmas spirit. Fellow residents, family members, friends, and staff members attended the concert and showed their support. Even Member of Parliament, John Carmichael, was in attendance at the concert.
Following the performance, residents and guests were treated to hot apple cider, Christmas cookies, and mince meat tarts. Everyone who attended the concert thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Residents were extremely impressed and unaware of the talents possessed by their fellow residents, members of the Wynford Warblers.

The Wynford Warblers were overjoyed with the support provided by fellow residents, family, friends, and staff members. Although a few members of the group currently belong to other choirs in the community, for many it was a chance to get involved with a choir again and sing their hearts out! For some, it was their first time being involved in a choir and everyone agreed it was a great experience to try something new. The Wynford Warblers were able to come together as a group and put on a magical concert. Members of the choir were extremely impressed with the overwhelming success of their first concert and have decided to continue meeting regularly in preparation for a concert in the spring!

The Wynford Warblers are a group of residents residing at Delmanor Wynford who enjoy singing but have no formal training. The group had been practicing throughout the months of November and December in preparation for their Christmas concert. The choir consisted of 18 members and resident, Kay MacBeth, as the piano accompanist. To view the Wynford Warblers concert please follow the link.
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