The Philanthropic Residents of Delmanor Wynford

Earlier this fall the first annual Delmanor Wynford Golf Tournament was held at Flemington Park Golf Course.

It was a fabulous sunny day and a wonderful time was had by all who attended this event.  Through generous donations by sponsors of holes and draw prizes, $575 was raised for the Woodbine Heights Food Bank!

In addition, the residents and staff at Delmanor Wynford began a penny drive in the fall of 2012.  Approximately $80 worth of pennies were collected, rolled and cashed in for contributions to the Woodbine Heights Food Bank.

Monique Kuhn presenting M.J Paterson-Watt with cheque from charity events

During the month of December, the kind hearted residents and staff placed new toys, games and books under a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree.  The gifts were provided to children through the Woodbine Heights Food Bank, the Hospital for Sick Kids and Breakfast for Learning Programs.

The toys collected by residents of Delmanor Wynford

 The residents and staff of Delmanor Wynford were very pleased to have been able to raise this money for very needy individuals, especially to be able to provide toys to underprivileged children over the holidays.  These types of generous endeavours brings the seniors at Delmanor Wynford even closer together and instills great pride in their unity as friends and family.

If you would like to obtain more information about retirement living at Delmanor Wynford or to arrange a tour of the residence, please contact Pam Palmer, or Monique Kuhn, Marketing & Community Relations Managers at (416) 331-9797 or visit online at