Delmanor Wynford Residents Delight in the Old World Art of Making “Pysanky” – Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Delmanor Wynford Residents came together in the Wynford Center for a very unique workshop that was conducted by Oksana Hawrylak and the ladies of Kosa Kolektiv. This group of creative ladies from the Toronto area aim to revitalize Ukrainian peasant folklore in an urban context. They do this by crafting and putting on workshops and sharing ideas with others in a fun and social atmosphere.
Delmanor Wynford Residents learned how to make beautiful Pysanky; Easter eggs in the traditional Ukrainian style. Residents were amazed with their skills and beautiful creations! Experienced instructors guided them through all the steps of transforming a raw egg into a work of art using stylus, dyes, and wax.

Residents working on their eggs

Using some of the designs for ideas

Kosa Kolektiv members assembled multiple jars of dye with spoons, pieces of paper towel, cartons of raw eggs, candlesticks, beeswax and small wooden instruments used to draw on the eggs.  Oksana began with ensuring her hands were clean so that any greasiness would not alter the intended design on the egg.  It was explained to the seniors how different areas in the Ukraine had their own distinct designs for the eggs and “if it breaks”, Oksana said, “don’t worry, it’s good luck”!
Very unique and personalized art

Decorating requires great detail

Each egg that is created is designed with symbolism.  The practice of egg decorating has existed across Eastern Europe since prehistory.  In the Ukraine, it was passed from mother to daughter for centuries.
The Kosa Kolektiv essentially came together through the creation of these eggs.  The Pysanka Projekt consists of organizing the workshops and the fundraising program.  All of the proceeds that Kosa Kolektiv raise from their workshops are given to the Pysanka Orphanage in Potelech Ukraine.
Some examples of previously designed eggs
Beautiful creations!

Resident creations
Residents had a wonderful time with their designs!

The four members of Kosa Kolektiv wanted an outlet to meet, sing songs and make traditional crafts; essentially keeping their heritage alive.  Kosa Kolektiv are inspired by bringing people together to slow down and enjoy the simple things; and the residents of Delmanor Wynford were thrilled to be given this opportunity!
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