Delmanor Glen Abbey Residents Make New Friends

All of the seniors residing at Delmanor Seniors Communities are introduced to many new friends immediately after joining the Delmanor family.  The residents of Delmanor Glen Abbey took it one step further with a lunch outing to meet residents from their sister property, Delmanor Wynford.

Donna, LivingWell coach with Joe

Boarding the Delmanor Bus

Kurt, the Delmanor bus driver was happy to escort the Glen Abbey residents to Delmanor Wynford for a lunch, tour of the property and a delightful walk around the attractive urban setting.

The residents commented on the exquisite roof top terrace at Delmanor Wynford and the well appointed dining room.  Everyone had a wonderful time sharing their own personal “Delmanor Experience” and meeting new friends.

Helen & Charmaine, Delmanor Wynford Executive Chef
Helen, Joan & Chris
Tony, Glen Abbey resident on the roof top terrace

If you would like to learn more about retirement living at Delmanor Glen Abbey please contact Julie Shuster at (905) 469-3232 or online at, or if you would like to inquire about Delmanor Wynford, please contact Pam Palmer at (416) 331-9797 or online at