Robbie Burns Celebrations at Delmanor Wynford

What better way to celebrate Scotland’s favourite poet and lyricist, Robbie Burns, than with haggis, scotch, and highland dancers?  That’s exactly the way Robbie Burns Day was celebrated at Delmanor Wynford!  Residents and staff dressed in their family tartans and enjoyed a lovely Scottish lunch and an afternoon filled with excitement!

The celebration began with residents, family members and friends gathering in the dining room.  Resident Min Yatabe recited ‘The Selkirk Grace’ which was followed by the “piping” of the haggis.  Residents stood and clapped as the haggis was walked through the dining room.  Resident Ben Cameron then recited the ‘Address to a Haggis’ and plunged his knife into the haggis for the ceremonial cutting.  A toast to the haggis was proposed and all residents and guests enjoyed a dram of Scotch.  A Scottish lunch was then served and included favourites such as cock-a-leekie soup, neeps, tatties, steak & kidney pie, haggis and shortbread.
Mike ready to present the haggis

Lovely Wynford ladies dressed in their tartans

The Burns celebration continued as residents enjoyed an afternoon of dancing with the McGrath Highland Dancers.  The dancers ranged in age from 6 to 16 and they performed a number of dances including the Highland Reel, the Scottish Sword dance, the Highland Fling, and many others.  Residents and guests had a wonderful time celebrating Robbie Burns’ birthday and sharing stories about their Scottish heritage.
Min & Lydia ready to celebrate Robbie Burns

The Highland dancers in action

The McGrath Highland Dancers
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