Floral, Fruit & Fun! Edible Event at Delmanor Wynford

Eating fruit has never been so sweet, especially when preparing ‘edible arrangements’ at Delmanor Wynford!

Residents tapped into their creative side as they turned regular fruit into beautiful and appetizing floral bouquets.  Watching fruit come to life in an arrangement inspired the Wynford seniors to have fun and use their imaginations to create something beautiful.

Residents were thrilled to see an apple transformed into a swan and flowers made out of kiwi, oranges and strawberries.

One of the beautiful fruit creations

The event inspired the residents to use their artistic and innovative ideas to bring smiles to every face at Delmanor Wynford.  Many tricks were learned at this fun session that will allow the seniors an opportunity to impress family members at the next dinner party.  Although there was great anticipation to taste the beautiful creations, Wynford residents first enjoyed the beautiful displays that were set up in the Massey Pub.

Salma, co-op student from Seneca helped the residents design and assemble their creations

Everyone enjoyed the endless possibilities of creations that can be made with various types of fruit.  What better way to celebrate the start of spring and the beauty of fresh fruit!

If you would like more information about retirement living at Delmanor Wynford or to arrange a tour of the residence, please contact Pam Palmer, Marketing & Community Relations Manager at (416) 331-9797(416) 331-9797 or online at delmanor.com

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