The Arrival of Spring & Surprises at Delmanor Prince Edward

The Arrival of Spring & Surprises at Delmanor Prince Edward

With temperatures rising and days getting longer, the residents of Delmanor Prince Edward are loving the sights and smells of spring.  The gardens and rooftop terrace of Delmanor Prince Edward are elegantly adorned with beautiful flowers and landscaping that further add to the beauty of the season.  Residents and guests are filled with appreciation and happiness with the celebration of new life and spring beauty that surrounds their community.

Residents noticed a gorgeous Canada Goose that chose Delmanor Prince Edward’s Green Roof as the nesting spot for her future goslings’ arrival.  Residents and team members immediately sprang into action to ensure that the Goose was in a safe location to welcome her babies.  With assistance from the Wildlife Federation, Delmanor Prince Edward’s Environmental Services Manager Ted provided the Goose with water and food, while residents watched with caring eyes for her safety & well being.  Upon hatching, the goslings and their mother were moved to a safer location with help from the Wildlife Federation.




One of the best parts of spring, besides the warm sun, is the arrival of baby animals and new life.  Residents and team members of Delmanor Prince Edward loved helping the Canada Goose welcome her new goslings and are looking forward to all of the wonderful events to come during the upcoming spring and summer months.

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