Cycling Without Age at Delmanor Prince Edward!

Cycling Without Age at Delmanor Prince Edward!

On a sunny summer afternoon, “Cycling Without Age Toronto” visited Delmanor Prince Edward. Cycling Without Age is a movement that started in 2012 in Denmark, with the mission of taking older adults who can no longer ride bicycles on a journey down memory lane.  This was a wonderful visit that reminded residents what it felt like again to be on a bicycle. Dorothea & Ian, representatives of Cycling Without Age, took the residents on a ride through the community and down by the Humber River. What an enjoyable ride!



Cycling Without Age has five guiding principles that they abide by: Generosity, Storytelling, Relationship, Cycling slowly, and Without Age.

If you would like to know more about this amazing movement, you can visit their website:



If you would like to obtain more information about retirement living at Delmanor Prince Edward or to arrange a tour of the residence, please contact Julie, Pam or Monique, Community Relations Managers at 416-233-0725 or visit online at