Steeped in History! The Story of Tea

Steeped in History!  The Story of Tea

Residents of Delmanor Glen Abbey were treated to a presentation focused on the world’s most widely consumed beverage, tea! According to Chinese legend, tea originated around 2750 BC and was found to have medicinal properties. The story is that an Emperor was boiling water when a leaf fell into his pot creating a delicious flavour, and the birth of tea.

Lianne Harris came to Delmanor Glen Abbey to share her presentation “Steeped in History, the Story of Tea” with residents and community members. Lianne is a social studies resource specialist for Toronto District School Board and Curriculum Adviser for Upper Canada College. She has channeled her many years of teaching history into engaging and inspiring presentations for groups of all sizes and ages.

The audience enjoyed hearing Lianne’s history of tea lecture, while they were treated to traditional cream tea with scones, clotted cream, jam and petit four cakes.

Delmanor Glen Abbey is proud to offer a wide variety of events and presentations for the many diverse interests of their residents. This informative lecture that traced the origins of tea back almost 5000 years was fascinating to the audience. To realize that with a history like this, along with the more than 3000 varieties of tea that we have today, it is no wonder that tea is the most popular beverage in the world!

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