Delmanor Elgin Mills Helping to Protect Bees!

Delmanor Elgin Mills Helping to Protect Bees!

Bees are on the decline everywhere in the world. Honey Bees are extremely important to our lives as one third of our food supply is dependent on their pollination. The Delmanor Elgin Mills seniors wanted to help by saving and protecting bees in their very own backyard!

Honey Bees, both domestic and wild are responsible for about eighty percent of all pollination worldwide! A single bee colony is capable of pollinating three hundred million flowers in a single day! The wind is mostly responsible for pollinating grains, but bees pollinate fruits, nuts and vegetables. Ninety percent of the world’s nutrition is pollinated by bees and this is why everyone should be taking steps to protect and support these vital insects.

With the help and support of Alvéole – The Urban Beekeeper , Delmanor Elgin Mills welcomed their newest family members! This unique program was first of its kind at Delmanor Elgin Mills. The residents got the idea of helping a colony of bees after a seminar they attended earlier this month by Loretta Penny titled “The Buzz of the Bees“, which focused on the dangers that bees are facing along with other species at risk and how we can all help.

Delmanor Residents, with the assistance of Ina, who helped to integrate the bees into their new hive and home, are thrilled to take part in this six month long program. Beekeepers will visit the hive to ensure the health and happiness of the bees. This rewarding experience is further enhanced with an extra special treat of a fresh delicious honey harvest that Residents will be able to share with family and friends in September!

People everywhere are taking steps to help the struggling bees and the Delmanor Elgin Mills residents are happy to be helping!

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