Optimizing Brain Health at Delmanor Northtown

Optimizing Brain Health at Delmanor Northtown

When asked, almost everyone likes the idea of living a healthy life and optimizing their brain function.

Delmanor Northtown welcomed Judy Chu, a registered Kinesiologist, adult educator, student mentor, community volunteer, and fitness & health specialist. Retired from Baycrest Center after many years, Judy understands first hand the common fear of aging and the desire to age gracefully.

Judy explained to the audience that the structures within our brains are composed of about 100 billion neurons plus trillions of supporting cells. Neurons are the cells that relay messages about thoughts, actions and feelings. Cognitive function and the production of neurons or brain cells will change as we age.

There are three main factors to consider cognitive engagement, social interactions and physical exercise. Judy explained how physical exercise is crucial in maintaining both physical and mental health.

Judy demonstrated specific exercises and practices to the audience that residents could take away and apply to improve their brain health.  Simply setting goals such as walking 10,000 steps a day if you are a more sedentary person who normally walks an average of 5000 steps a day, can elevate your brain health!   The evidence based research shows that starting these simple preventive measures now, can make a difference in your future!

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