A Chapter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away…

A Chapter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away…

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down with a good book during the lazy days of summer.

Seniors who regularly enjoy reading are doing more than just enjoying a great story. There have been studies to show that reading helps older adults reduce stress, improve memory, have better quality sleep and may even extend their lives.

Ongoing learning is a wonderful way to improve quality of life during our retirement years. Unfortunately as we age, reading can become harder and many seniors experience road blocks to reading. The Oakville Library visited Delmanor Glen Abbey and brought some simple solutions with them to overcome some of these obstacles, such as E-reading devices with back-lit screens and adjustable font sizes that are very useful for individuals with vision problems, as well as for those that may be experiencing arthritis and other dexterity challenges.

Not all assistance with reading has to be through technology. For those less comfortable with these methods, there are more traditional adaptations such as large print books, reading lights, magnifiers, book holders and audio books that are available through the local library to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of reading.

Finding the right reading material can directly impact your desire to read. The Oakville library coming to Delmanor Glen Abbey assisted residents that did not have a library card and informed residents about the many resources that are available to them, including personal recommendations from the librarian to get them on the path to more reading!

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