Delmanor Northtown Featured The Best Decades of Fashion

Delmanor Northtown Featured The Best Decades of Fashion

We all have a favourite decade when it comes to fashion.

If you enjoy beautiful fabric and great designers the way many of the residents do at Delmanor Northtown, you would have enjoyed a recent afternoon seeing  fashions that were featured from the period of 1920-1950. 

Norma Hillyer-Shephard is a Mobile Millinery Museum Director. She shared some of her rare historic garments with Delmanor Northtown that highlighted stunning fashions from this exciting period of time.

Norma shared that due to war time and material being scarce, dresses were often made of whatever could be found including fabrics such as parachute material. Some preferred the brightly colored scarves and stockings with bold artistic patterns from the 1920’s. Sequins and beads, sewn with silver thread made for stunning, yet very heavy dresses for the ladies of the time.

For the men, fedora hats, suspenders, & bow ties were all the rage during this period of time. Some of the audience were partial to the sleeveless dresses with full skirts popular in the 1950’s. There were a few women who were happy to welcome the 1960’s sweaters that could be worn un-tucked over an ankle pant that fit straight to the body.

Over the years we have seen some “fashion faux pas” that we would likely rather not see return to our stores and runways. The fashion show that was presented at Delmanor Northtown brought back some wonderful clothing items with classic and beautiful designs that we still enjoy wearing today.

Everyone enjoyed celebrating fashion over the years and had a wonderful afternoon discussing some of their favourite and not-so-favourite fashion trends of the past.

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