Dog Obedience & Skill Training Show Came to Delmanor Elgin Mills!

Dog Obedience & Skill Training Show Came to Delmanor Elgin Mills!

Dogs are well known to provide significant benefits for seniors’ mental, physical, and emotional health. The companionship of dogs has been known to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Having a dog may even improve or help to prevent depression and anxiety in seniors.

Ginny Neher is a professional dog trainer that serves York Region, providing dog training ranging from basic obedience classes and tracking, to scent detection and private training. Ginny came to Delmanor Elgin Mills with her highly skilled canines to demonstrate an obstacle course for the residents to enjoy.

Ginny’s thirty years of dog training experience was evident as the spectacular show demonstrated the advanced skills of her dogs. Ginny has over sixteen Obedience Titled dogs in Canada, USA and Bermuda. The canines that came to Delmanor Elgin Mills performed several of their skills for the residents such as scent retrieval and object recognition.

The audience was thrilled to watch this demonstration of skill and obedience that showcased the human/canine bond. Having a performance of this caliber come right into the homes of the residents made it even more enjoyable, and requests to have Ginny and her dogs return were made almost immediately!

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